Coast Optometrist provides sound optical advice, complete eye examinations and thorough spectacle fittings on the West Coast on New Zealand’s South Island, and can boast an exceptional record of success that’s lasted for over 
25 years. Our optometrist John West and the ancillary staff we employ are well equipped to handle any challenge.

Eye Examinations

Our standard examinations have a duration of 45 minutes for adults and 30 minutes for children. During this time we’ll enquire about your quality of vision, your family history, general health and any medications you may be taking. All findings will then be discussed with you or your children, and recommendations offered for the need of any on-going care, spectacles, or referral to an ophthalmologist.
Spectacles in various colors

Regular Checkups

We’re firm believers that regular eye checkups are essential to ensure a high quality of vision in people of all ages. We recommend yearly for children or contact lens wearers and every 2 years for adults. As you age your risk of developing an issue with your eyes increases, meaning early treatment and detection provide you with the best chance to maintain good eyesight.

Children’s Eye Care

Identifying problems with your child’s eyes early on can be the key to avoiding learning difficulties and major optical problems later on in life. Most optometry appointments can be subsidised by Enable New Zealand as part of the Ministry of Health initiative. If your child is under the age of 16 and has a High Use Health Card, or the family has a Community Services Card then you may meet the eligibility criteria.

Safety Spectacles

Many New Zealanders are employed in industries which require exposure to equipment or situations that can be hard on their eyesight. Coast Optometrist understand the need for those working in these environments to protect their eyes and are a member of Independent Optical Partners, which is a group of optometrists that sell certified Hoya and Essilor safety eyewear.

Insurance And WINZ Quotes

If you’ve lost or broken spectacles then it may well be worth considering making a claim on your home and contents insurance. Exam costs and excess are paid to us and we can invoice the insurance company for the balance. Simply contact your insurance company to obtain a claim number then provide us with the details. 

We’re also able to provide a quote for WINZ if you require financial assistance.
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